22 September 2011

Found - Internet Forever

An excitable school teacher once told me that the World Wide Web would some day enable ordinary people to achieve incredible things - he was right, because one time I used ALL my letters on Scrabulous, and even better than that, there was this other day where I very nearly had a Facebook friend request accepted!! Though most of us are happy to pass our online hours getting death threats on YouTube or debating the constitution of Jaffa Cakes, it transpires that some people actually do put the information super tarmac road thingy to good use - like INTERNET FOREVER for example - who'd have thought it!

It was a friendship forged on a well known website's messageboard that encouraged Craig Heartbeeps and Laura Wolf to explore the possibility of working together on a musical collaboration. The outcome of their pooled ideas was 2009's 'Cover The Walls', two and a bit minutes of raucous indie pop, where sweetly bobbing melodies were off set by distorted guitar riffs, a pounding drum beat and a chanted chorus; think Sleigh Bells for the home counties. Now expanded to a three piece, thanks to the addition of Chris Alcxxk, the band are on the verge of releasing their debut album, and have previewed it with a re-recorded version of another early composition 'Break Bones'. The ethos remains the same but the track benefits greatly from its new smoother edges; a skipping rhyme chorus and kick drum spine teaming up to create an infectious spirit akin to that Tilly And The Wall wowed with on 'Beat Control'. It's a promising pointer, and If Internet Forever have more of the same to follow then it could be they who are the talk of the web for the foreseeable future.

Break Bones by Internet Forever


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