19 September 2011

Releases Found Up

Now what I've done here is take the 'R' away from round and replace it with an 'F' to make found, which is a play on words because of the blog name 'The Found of Confusion' you see, you see!! It took me two hours to think up that! Ok you do better then!  lets just get on with it:


Albums Out Now

Lanterns On The Lake - Gracious Tide, Take Me Home
Laszlo - Radial Nerve
Secret Rivals - Make Do And Mend
Pandas And People* - Grab Everything
Blu* - No York

* No official release date but streaming online now - see Bite Back Pt 1 to hear Pandas and People.

Singles Out Now

Jukebox Collective - Billy The Kid
Retriever/ Cult Image - Retriever/Cult Image EP
Polarsets - Morning (new version)
Mausi - Sol (available free via the band website)


That's the official releases covered but there's been movement aplenty from the other bands, and I shall update you with their news two-more-oh.



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