4 September 2011

New Vids Kids!

Listen up MTV this is what you should be showing!! Get on this selection of new videos from some Found Of Confusion favourites:

April founder DIMBLEBY AND CAPPER recently popped into the Amazing Radio building for a live studio session, the highlight of which was this cracking rendition of future single Educated.


Also back with a great new single are MAUSI. You can download, the oh so summery, sol. for free from their website here - and spend the rest of the day doing a 'dance, dance, dance'

It's now just a couple of weeks til' LANTERNS ON THE LAKE release their debut LP and following on from 'You're Almost There'  (video here) they've been good enough to share a second track, 'Keep On Trying'

Finally BLU is now streaming his No York record in it's entirety via YouTube. If you like your Hip-Hop to be party anthems and pointless posturing then it's not for you, but if experimental beats and clever lyricism are your thing then you'll lap it up!


Plenty for you to enjoy there so as Buggs Bunny would doubtless say 'that's all folks'.

See ya.

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