15 September 2011

Found - Deaf Club

What's that sorry? I didn't catch...Pardon??....ah ok...err no can't quite hear that, let me just adjust my..what you saying?? Yeah yeah I know sorry, an utterly predictable deaf 'gag', but what can I say it was too good a - Pardon?? - ha got you with that last one didn't I!

We can only hope that there are no hearing impediment issues affecting the members of DEAF CLUB, because it would be a crying shame if they were unable to fully enjoy the fruits of their collective labour. The three, four or possibly five strong group are, as you can see, fairly frugal when it comes to information about the line up composition, but at their core is Polly Mackey, a songwriter from Wrexham who received much positive attention last year when playing as part of The Pleasure Principle. While it appears that project may now have bitten the dust, long term supporters shouldn't fret as there's plenty in Death Club's debut 'Lull EP' for you to get excited about. On the brooding 'Hana', Mackey has the air of a slightly more finessed PJ Harvey and that track sets a standard that never dips throughout the EP, be it on the edgy post punk of 'It, She', the wide screen, Beach House mirroring outro of 'Forest/Shore', or the seven and a bit minutes of the Holly Miranda styled 'Postcard'. Self contained one minute, expansive the next - prick up your ears 'found' fans, you'll be be hearing more from this lot.

Deaf Club - "Forest/Shore"


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