20 October 2011

Found - Big Wave Riders

Making the most of having our furry winter coat out of the wardrobe, and knowing the trouble mum went to knitting these fetching pink mittens, the Found Of Confusion has decided to extend our stay on the northern patch of the globe. After last weeks stopover in the centre of Scandinavia, we're fanning out a touch this time to visit a nearby Nordic nation - namely Finland - a country famous for....I don't know what it's famous for actually.. Nokia phones perhaps? Sorry Finnish friends, I'm sure you have much more going for you than that, take BIG WAVE RIDERS for a start!
Modern music may have scant regard for international boundaries, but Helsinki would probably still come fairly low on the list of places you'd go to unearth a band well versed in the finer points of Anglo American indie rock. Big Wave Riders however are clearly aficionados when it comes to what either side of the Atlantic has to offer, and they've brought these influences together in a very enjoyable debut EP that has synth, surf and jangle pop at it's core. The ace in the pack is 'Behind These Walls', which for two and half minutes rubs shoulders with Stellastarr* and Deastro in the sing along stakes, only to then be gatecrashed by the type of squealing guitar finale that John Squire once adored. Elsewhere 'Republic Of The Average' arrives dressed in flares and a bucket hat, 'Skate or Die' shuns it's pop punk title in favour of getting strung out with The Verve and 'Pictures Of Lifestyle and Friends' encourages The Drums and The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart to come together for a spot of inter group bonding. Big wave; Big songs; Big result!

Big Wave Riders - Republic of the average


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  1. Good find! Other Finnish bands of note are Villa Nah and Regina.

  2. Well there you have it, Finland's got bands coming out of it's ears!!... although obviously countries don't have ears as such.

  3. Rubik, Cats on Fire, Regina, French Films, Satellite Stories, The New Tigers... a few more excellent Finnish bands! Oh and if you're into electronic music I just spotted a farely unknown duo Michelson & Morley, also from Helsinki! :)

  4. Thanks for that Maria,I've heard of 2 or 3 of those, but the rest are new to me so i'll try and listen to them at some point soon. And yep electronic music suggestions are always very welcome! :-)

  5. Maria, I've just had a look at those bands, there's some really good tips in there - Rubik and The New Tigers in particular stood out and I'm going to listen to more of Michelson and Morley too. Thanks very much, appreciate your input.