27 October 2011

Found - Little Scout

Dyb Dyb Dyb! Being a big Scout is great; stripes adorn the sleeves, Swiss Army Knives become de-rigueur, and on tap there's a steady flow of impressionable Cubs who dutifully believe it's their job to put up the tent while their seniors do a spot of sunbathing. Being a little Scout...not so fun! Fatty's in sleeping bags crush you, knots are practiced on your hands and feet, and we wont even mention what is done with the woggles! The quickest way to rise through the ranks of respect is to get a string of badges running up your arm; down in Australia one shrewd LITTLE SCOUT has cottoned on to this fast track system and is taking aim at the king of all badges, 'Musician' - on the strength of their debut long player the Brisbane quartet would probably be wise to go and invest in a sewing kit.

'Take Your Light' was released in August and is a record that excels with it's blend of compsure, sentiment and diaphaneity. Whether it's the measured emotion of the Bat For Lashes styled intro 'In The Air', the grandeur of 'We Are Walking Out's closing moments, or the way the title track slow dances it's way across the room, this is an album that carries itself demurely; the atmospheric arrangements shaping a pocket into which Melissa Tickle's exquisite vocal can slip. A supporting slot for Camera Obscura last year provides a pointer to Little Scout's modus operandi, but for the Glaswegians merriment they've substituted modesty, outright celebration is replaced with cautious optimism. Later in the piece there's a touch of Rose Elinor Dougall in some of the compositions, while 'Right Now We Are Here' sounds like the type of material Tennis could start to produce once they've satisfied their wander lust and moored the sailing boat at the jetty. Any proper Scout will make a promise to always do their best, this little one has kept its word.

DEAD LOSS by LittleScout


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