6 October 2011

Found - Space Fight

'I'm gonna send him to outerspace / find another race / and if there's a guitarist in that place / could he bring him back post haste / Much obliged.

At least that's how Max Romeo's 'I Chase The Devil' might sound if SPACE FIGHT ever get their hands on it. The London based trio have been working their way through guitar players at an admirable rate over the past year (four last count), but with the revolving door for axemen seemingly wedged still - sorry Reuters reporting they're now a duo!.. ah wait, they're back up to three again - the band can put this yo-yo existence to bed and crack on with the task of writing fresh material to augment the three tracks they debuted on their self- titled introductory EP of earlier this year.

That March release came loaded with melodies and a group tightness that made a mockery of the line ups fluctuating fortunes. Opener '22', with it's rickety drums and pop perfect backing harmonies, had the air of The Mystery Jets best work, though singer Spencer Miles soft New Jersey brogue could make comparisons with The Virgins just as apt. Indeed on 'Control' it seems Space Fight have another New York alumni in their sights; its choppy reggae verses and fret flailing outro guaranteeing it could quite happily slot in to The Strokes back catalogue without raising so much as an inquisitive glance. As good as those appetisers were the best of the bunch is saved for last in the shape of 'Into The Blind'; three and half minutes of sumptuous indie rock that shines effortlessly. Make no bones about it Space Fight have set the bar high for themselves, but while other bands might crash to earth this lot should be up amongst the stars in no time at all.

  Control by Space Fight


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