13 October 2011

Found - Summer Heart

For a movement founded on innovative approaches to production, Chillwave has floundered a little of late. While the unquestionable talents that are Memory Tapes and Washed Out continue to dazzle, a swathe of bedsit copycats have followed in their wake, each appearing all too happy to take an unimaginative beat and then dip it in a bucket of reverb in the hope of hiding from the world their severe vocal limitations. Amongst all the dross however, it's still possible for something special to emerge, and that's exactly what Sweden's SUMMER HEART is starting to do.

The man behind the moniker is Malmo producer David Alexander, and the music he's making is every bit as blissful as his adopted stage name would imply - though his work ethic is anything but indolent. The last six months have spawned two multi song singles, the seven track 'Never Let Me Go' EP, a further stand alone release, 'Come With Me', and to top it all off he's still found time to fit in a remix of 'Rad Racer' for Work Drugs. What makes Alexander's work stand out above his contemporaries is it's warmth and evocative nature. The aforementioned 'Come With Me' shimmers seductively and 'I Miss You',with it's elongated echoes, feels as sincere as it's possible for a song to be. A French house influence permeates 'Simple Minds' recalling Air or Keep Shelley In Athens, and when the angels get to spend their day off trampolining round the clouds, they'll surely have 'Broken Hearts' being strummed on their giant harp. It's a beautiful noise that Summer Heart has stumbled upon, so next time you're sat watching the sun dip, have him as your soundtrack - trust me the world will be a better place.

Broken Hearts


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  1. Hey!

    Just wanted to say thanks for the kind words! I really appreciate them!

    Best regards
    David - Summer Heart

  2. No problem at all David. I love the music that you're coming up with and your new EP is every bit as good as the last one! Keep doing what you do best my friend.