23 October 2011

Sunday Sounds

Morning Confusionists! Are you well?

Do you like my new logo? I invested a whole two minutes of my time in to creating that! Not totally sure I like it... but it's certainly better than my frightening face peering out the screen at you! To commemorate what is a ridiculously minor rebranding (and my 50th post), I thought we really could do with some new tunes to enjoy...and what do you know, as ever, our reliable Founders were more than happy to oblige!


Kicking off the party are DISCOPOLIS, who have decided to try their hand at a spot of remixing. First up they turned their attention to Paper Crows, putting a fresh sheen on 'When Friends Survive':

Paper Crows - When Friends Survive (Discopolis Remix) by discopolismusic

Before then tackling the task of proving that it is actually possible to make The Wombats sound decent - and they've manged it too!

The Wombats - 1996 (Discopolis Remix) by discopolismusic


Phew, there's nearly ten minutes worth of dancing there and I'm getting on a bit, can we calm it down a little please!! Get stuck into Channel Swimmer and his lovely remix of MAUSI's Sol, while I try and get my breath back *collapses*

Mausi - Sol (Channel Swimmer Mix) by Channel Swimmer

No it's no good, I'm still shattered - you know what would have been perfect to follow that tune with though, a new track from SUMMER HEART, if only there was such a thing....hold on what do I spy over here...oh I'm such a tease! Enjoy My Forever Smile.

My Forever Smile by SUMMER HEART

After that I don't think we need a party, lets just kick back on the settee and relax!


Don't forget they'll be more new music coming your way on Thursday, but before I go I must mention the most important thing about today - it's Manchester derby day - COME ON CITY!!!


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  1. Thank you oh lucky blog for blessing us with thy six goals of goodness!