31 October 2011

Brought To You By The Letter W

Don some safety goggles viewers and take a white coat from the rack, today we take a trip into the laboratory - feel free to have a look around as you please, but don't handle any funny coloured liquids, it wont end well! This is the place where the three W's of the 'F.O.C Experimental Electronica Guild' spend their hours massaging molecules in the name of artistic alchemy. Let us observe them at work:


At workbench one we find WONDER BEAR who are busy testing their hypothesis that stripping away excess materials will not impact on the strength and beauty of the base element. In order to do this they've enlisted the help of Dr Bon Iver and his revered 'Skinny Love' paper. There certainly seems to be merit in their observations don't you agree?

Skinny Love (Bon Iver Cover) by Wonder Bear


Now we must be respectful and try not to disturb him, but if you look over in the far corner you will see Mr WASKERLEY WAY hard at work. He continues to dedicate his time to surveying the impact of distortion on melodic sustainability and his most recent findings can be examined over at his Bandcamp page (here). In our opinion, his salient discovery is that which he refers to as 'Greem'

06 Greem by Waskerley Way


As fortune would have it you've actually picked a very exciting day for this field visit, it's a momentous occasion for the third member of our triumvirate. After a study spanning over a year WISHING WARS this morning published his keynote work. The thesis is titled 'Phases' and is divided into ten enlightening chapters. To view the document in it's entirety you'll need to pay a visit to the I.Tunes Library (here) but below is a snippet of his conclusions.

Phases by Foundofconfusion


I think it's best that we leave them with peace now to continue with their processes. Thank you for your visit and please pick up something from the gift shop on the way out and sign the visitors book.

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