10 October 2011

Up On The Clouds

Would you look at what a quick Sunday stroll through Soundcloud turned up! Some of our former friends have been sharing their new music with the world, and it's only right that we should listen don't you think? So go and plug those earphones into your workstation and banish the Monday morning blues with the help of these fine recordings.


Our first port of call is with the crafty members of the SLEEPY PANDA CLUB. Don't think I've not noticed Panda's, that you new single 'Ghost In The Mirror' just happens to have arrived in close proximity to a little thing called Halloween - I'm on to you and your money making ways! To be fair to them, if that's their trick, then this song can definitely qualify as a treat, one which you can enjoy right now.

Ghost in the Mirror by Sleepy Panda Club

Ah DIMBLEBY AND CAPPER, how I love thee so *picks petals*. Oh yes reader, my new favourite female is back again with a gift for adoring fans like moi. She's giving away the studio version of 'Educated' (it of the great live rendition featured here) for absolutely free. This track is a precursor to her upcoming single, and if she's feeling comfortable enough to let a song this good go for nothing, it surely bodes well for the music that's to come.

Educated by Dimbleby & Capper

Talking of talented ladies, they don't come much more skilled than the little Miss that they like to call  DAUGHTER. As previously mentioned she's releasing a new EP in November, and following on from the stunning 'Love' (Get it free here) she's now previewed a second song 'Home' - honestly, I don't know how she does it, but this one is just as good.

Daughter - 'Home' (Taken from 'The Wild Youth' EP)

Now wait till you hear this, if you thought Sleepy Panda Club were sneaky then you wont believe what DISCOPOLIS have done! The cheeky scamps have only gone and released an album in Japan this week - and without even asking me! 'Cold Summers' is a collection of the ten tracks that they host on their Soundcloud page, however notably, it does contain a re-recorded version of their first ever song, 'Timber Merchants'. I really like what they've done with it, and you can see what you think by listening below.

  Discopolis - Timber Merchants by discopolismusic


Hope that will do for you today, but pop back in on Thursday to meet the next member of the Found Family. Be good now.

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