1 December 2011

Found - Zulu Winter

Ah..Ah...Achoo! Yep it's that stage of year again; the time of streetlights, sneezes and snugly fitting snoods. It's hard to believe that twelve months have lapsed since the infamous 'Torrent of Trouble' that rocked the Found Of Confusion's sleepy neighbourhood. The horror unfolded when bunches of feral kids took it upon themselves to construct shambolic igloos, and then send snowballs arcing through the sky in the defence of their structures. Many were too fall, and when teatime was called and parents emerged to survey the welly and bobble hat strewn battlefield, one was heard to sob: 'If only they'd headed our warning to stop chucking those bloody spheres!', wise words indeed. The camcorder footage hits cinemas next year under the banner ZULU WINTER - well that's if the band will lend us their name of course.

In this instance luck may be on our side, as the London quintet should be far too busy over the coming months to bother with the hassle of getting tangled up in a naming rights quibble; big things are being predicted for the band in 2012, and on the strength of the tracks they've debuted thus far, it's not difficult to see why. Circulated in the summer, a demo 'Silver Tounge' set the buzz ball rolling, as a snake hipped baseline, beatific breakdown and build up section, and impossibly high pitched backing vocals, linked up to deliver a fully formed offspring of Friendly Fires fav's 'Lovesick' and 'Pala'. Appetites wet, autumn brought the release of a debut double a-side single. 'Let's Go Back To Front' shared the foundation stones of it's forerunner, the bright and buoyant, glockenspiel speckled verses laying the groundwork for an all hands to the pump crescendo. 'Never Leave' though was a more tempestuous affair, the celestial interlude being flanked by a dark rumbling drum roll reminiscent of White Lies, plus a vocal from Will Daunt that, while sharing much in style with those of Chris Martin, was executed with far more bite than the Coldplay man can ever muster. A recent radio session for BBC Six Music introduced two further new tracks, one of which was notable for it's chorus claim that: 'you deserve better, sweetheart' - well I've bad news for the subject of that affection; on this form better may be tough to find!

Let's Move Back to Front by Zulu Winter


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