8 December 2011

Found - Friends

Amigos; Homies; Muckers, Cobbers: all acceptable ways to address your friends.....if you have some, which - going by the dust amassing on the 'foundees' box to the right, or the tumbleweed that keeps sticking its tongue out at us on Google+ - this blog does not. Why we're the billy no mates of blog land is a bit of a puzzler, after all we keep introducing you to our achingly cool rockstar acquaintances, and personally I think we look pretty fine in our black and gold threads, white bobble hat, and yellow and blue kicks. Hmm maybe it's those rumours The Sound Of Confusion spread about us...which weren't true!!! Anyway we're bound to attract some new hombres this week after we hang out with the most popular kids on the block...

......Not that you'd necessarily know that's what they were at first glance. Contrarily for a band with a communal tilt to their name, Brooklyn's FRIENDS aren't going out of their way to accumulate buddies or bring the public into their gang. Look hard but you wont find a Facebook, Twitter or Bandcamp, nor any other of the habitual haunts inhabited by breakout bands. What they do have though is a moniker conducive to attracting YouTube hits, and as their video counter whirs ever upwards, so it would seem does there stock, with the springboard to their surging popularity being the quintet's aptitude for creating alternative pop tracks that are minimal in their construction but abundant in attitude. Nothing fits that description more confidently than 'I'm His Girl'; Samantha Urbani mimicking the street corner strut of the baseline with a sassy, swagger Neneh Cherry exuded in her pomp; the rapped rebuttal to love rivals prompting recollections of Lindy Layton laying down the law on Dub Be Good To Me. Rhythm also provided the central pillar for earlier single Friend Crush; on that occasion the stripped back, detached signature style of Warpaint was scrawled across the track, but it was the b-side accompanying that release that is perhaps the most intriguing of Friends recordings to date. Listening to 'Feelin Dank' is like wandering into a deserted multi-storey car park and stumbling upon a cypher, where the resident beatboxers are lending their skills to a rehearsing girl group doing their best impression of The Crystals - it's naive, rough around the edges, and all in all absolutely great! Add into the mix a hot to trot cover of Ghost Town's 'My Boo' and it's clear that pop is in safe hands, while for us...well with Friends like these who needs anything else.

Friends - I'm His Girl by LuckyNumberMusic


Find Them In These Places:

Lucky Number Music (Friends Record Label) Facebook
Lucky Number Music Bandcamp
Lucky Number Music Soundcloud

Want to make friends? e-mail foundofconfusion@hotmail.co.uk, get circling on Google+, or start a conversation in the comment box below.


  1. They are true and we have proof. We hacked your phone and there's plenty more where they came from! Just don't tell that Levenson chap...

  2. I can't take it anymore, the rumours are all true - It IS a Daniel O Donnell poster on the wall and what's more it's hugged and stroked every single night *sobs*