3 December 2011

Up On The Clouds No. 2

As the clouds outside start to take on a grey, foreboding presence, so the nimbostratus over Soundcloud also lingers heavy in the air.....heavy with great new songs that is!.....and that's quite possibly the worst link I've ever written isn't it.....we better just move on to the music, and let me tell you these tunes are raining melody!...oops there I go again:


Untroubled by the pending precipitation are SPACE FIGHT who, from their lofty position above the globe, have been busy sprucing up their website and introducing themselves to the passing public of YouTube. In between battling for the universe they've also found time to pop into an intergalactic studio and record a new track by the name of Strange Land, which documents their fascinating discovery of a brand new planet....no I'm lying, it doesn't at all - great song though!

Strange Land by Space Fight


Inevitably the arrival of bad weather will also signal the complete collapse of our permanently punctual, state of the art, train service. If you feel the desire to soundtrack that moment when you're stood freezing for two hours on a bitter York platform, (with only Burger King litter for company as they've taken away all the bins!) then what better way to do so than with VIOLET YOUTH and their re-recorded version of 'Delays'. Attempting to air mimic the added keyboard will also alleviate the chances of your frozen fingers dropping off!

Delays by Violet Youth


A further way to combat the cold is to draw upon the power of imagination. When the outside world is doing it's best impression of a shouting freezer, why not whack up the heating and allow your mind to lead you to more hospitable surroundings. Thoughtfully, CALM AS THE COLOUR have penned just the track to help you with this feat of cosy self-delusion; stick 'Velvet Sunburst' on nice and loud, and it's sunny disposition will have you lounging with The Byrds amongst the greenery of Laural Canyon faster than you can say, 'Crosby pass me an ice pop'.

Velvet sunburst by calmasthecolour


Of course if it ends up like last winter then one song alone wont be enough for your cerebrum to keep the chilly conditions at bay - but that's where the prolific SUMMER HEART comes in; he's back with another new track, one that will have your brain packed off to bathe in the blue waters of the Balearic's. The trademark waves of warm electronica are joined by an acid house backing beat to make 'It's Been A While' one of Mr Heart's best creations yet, and your passport to 'that happy place'

It's Been A While by SUMMER HEART


So there you go a survival guide in the form of song, no need to thank me.....no, actually there is, you owe me big time found fans!! See you on Thursday.

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