22 December 2011

Found - Good Dangers

('Tis the days before Christmas and all is quiet)

................ Oh no!!......*scampering footsteps*...sorry readers! I was so caught up in rooting around under the bottom of the tree and prodding the presents that I completely forgot I had a blog to do! I am good at guessing what's beneath the wrapping paper though. This year there's a parcel that's long and thin and goes: triangle..dip..triangle..dip..triangle..dip - you know exactly like those huge Toblerone they sell - well I just know it's going to be a hand made sculpture of the Alps, hope I'm not disappointed!! Anyway, before the festivities get into full swing, and your mother commandeers the stereo for her sing along to 'Cliffs Chronic Christmas Covers Volume 278', lets take a moment to sit back and appreciate some shiny tinsel topped creations from the house of GOOD DANGERS.

In this instance 'house' is as much a nod to bricks and mortar as it is to the parlance of haute couture, because for this London based five piece it's the humble home that fulfils the role of makeshift studio; and whilst laying down licks in the living room normally screams, 'lo-fi looming', you'd be hard pushed to spot the simplicity of the surroundings that have spawned Good Dangers music in any of their output to date. Admittedly that back catalogue is not yet extensive; the band only have one official release to their name, 'So Unkind', which debuted in June as one half of a split single shared with equally promising Australian newbies Peppercorn. Though on the surface that track would pass as one of the clan in the Two Door Cinema Club family songbook, deep down it has indie disco deities in it's DNA; the lead guitar line walks the same Smiths hewn trail followed by The Incredible Flight Of Birdman, and the 'ah come on' in the chorus would surely raise a knowing smile from Jarvis Cocker, it's him all over. If you need more to go on than one tune then worry not, because there are a clutch of demos out there to also be enjoyed. 'Beat Of Your Heart' bounds with the infectious enthusiasm we loved in Big Wave Riders, and 'Brasilia' pushes keyboards front and centre to its great benefit, but it's 'Abigail' that really sits at the top of the pile; sounding like it could have danced straight off the recent albums from Cut Off Your Hands or TPOBPAH, it's a gladdeningly innocent and hopeful helping of chiming guitar pop that will have you smiling from now until...well at least Christmas! Remember that message drummed in to you as a kid about never ignoring the danger signs? Heed it now, you wouldn't want to miss something important.

Good Dangers 'Abigail' by friendsoffrenetics


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  1. I think Abigail might be appearing in a 5,4,3 soon.

  2. Well it merits a place in my eyes, always sounds fresh when I put it on.