25 December 2011

Found - Ninja Turtle Ninja Tiger

*Pad, Pad, Pad*, that's the sound of my latest pair of novelty slippers crossing the living room to the table, where I'll be faced with the tough choice of tasty turkey or a Curly Wurly from my selection box - IT'S CHRISTMAS DAY! Now I know you think that you've opened all your presents, but if you kick that crumpled pile of wrapping paper out of the way and peer round the side of the tree, you'll see one more box hiding...yep there, with the blue and white paper...pick it up and read the tag: 'To reader, with love from The Found Of Confusion xxx'. Go on, don't be shy you can open it.....SURPRISE...I got you another band to listen too, how brilliant is that!!

Of all the newborn musical messiahs to emerge blinking into the light this year, they'll be few better suited to this day of cracker bangs, party popper streamers and wonky primary colour hats, than Portland, Oregon's electropop wizards NINJA TURTLE NINJA TIGER. The trio, centred around hardcore habanero chomping* frontman Dustin Brown, have just completed work on their debut studio album, a record that, if it pursues the blueprint set out by it's quartet of lead up demos, will be a feast of fluorescent frivolity and pack as much kick as even the most piquant pepper. Amassed around firecracker drum patterns and crunching synths, came two examples of the sonic repercussions should anyone ever let Mario Balotelli play with his rockets in a paint pot factory. '..This City's Fallin' served up exactly the sort of exuberant, iridescent pop that saw MGMT and The Naked And Famous prosper; it's momentum building refrain crying out to be adopted by an elated crowd for a communal chanting session. 'Spinning On Fire' meanwhile is a track raised to know it's Manners - of the Passion Pit variety, and if 'The Reeling' ever wants a twin brother to step into its shoes then it need look no further. Not content to accept a supporting role the guitar grabs the spotlight on a third demo 'Vines, Baby'; picture the All Around The World In A Day Prince locked in a room with Empire Of The Sun and you'll end up in the right ball (paisley) park. Bringing up the rear in order rather than content came 'The Climb', a song set apart from it's predecessors by the presence of afrobeat percussion rolls and a softer chorus that slips through in the fashion of Phoenix; it's a more sedate affair but no worse for it. Visual and vibrant, Ninja Turtle Ninja Tiger are the bright lights heading for the top of the tree.

*Look them up on YouTube, all will become clear.

Ninja Turtle Ninja Tiger - Spinning On Fire by ninjaturtleninjatiger


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