15 December 2011

Found - Leopard Of Honour

I've not put this LEOPARD OF HONOUR disc in my Sega Dreamcast yet, but I can just tell it's going to be a game and a half! It's probably not one of those where you speed about on a toadstool or curl up in a ball and pocket gold rings, but it's bound to be a damn sight better than dressing up as a leprechaun and spending four years walking through a forest looking for a fictional orb! No, I'm picturing a kung-fu cat on the African savanna, who - in order to avenge his fathers death, obviously - earns his spots and then gets all Shaolin on the naughty springboks and wildebeest; Wooooo, bring it on!!......I'll just put the disc in like so......... ahem, It would seem that I didn't read the box, this is an audio CD ......*twiddles thumbs*

Alright, Leopard Of Honour may not have you frantically mashing X and Y or wobbling on a Wii board, but the technophiles amongst us need not despair as the syntax of sound shaping software runs right through the core of the Mancunian producers writing process; and if there's a rockstar lifestyle lying in wait then he plans to reach it by playing games within the electronic arts. The man behind the jungle cat name is David Roocroft, who after becoming tired of doing online reviews for sub par experimental records, decided to take to his laptop and show the rest how it really should be done. The outcome of his sequencing and sampling are a handful of tracks that owe a debt to New York's discotheques; the vision of Arthur Baker; the British artists who observed and then interpreted the scene; and the little lady that led them all out from the clubs and into the worlds living rooms. What this isn't however, is a bland retro reenactment. The influence of Depeche Mode and New Order may be apparent on 'Palais Royal-Blue' but the tracks vocodered vocals are straight from the modern handbook of hip-hop. Similarly while 'Good Wives' might model itself on Madonna's 'Into The Groove' the overall look is embellished by the type of production quirks Kanye West flirted with on '808's & Heartbreak'. Even 'House Of Palms' with it's Funkadelic forms doesn't feel dated, thanks to a beefy beat and a harmonic melody that looks on in dazed wonder as the lights of the glitter ball strut through the dry ice. You know on reflection I don't think we need that console after all; drop the controllers readers, turn up the Leopard and 'Just Dance'.

Leopard Of Honour - House of Palms by JonAlt-Stoked


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